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A cancer diagnosis is stressful and overwhelming.

We’re here to help.

Welcome to Calm Over Cancer, your compassionate guide through the complexities of a cancer journey.

We are here to help you navigate the intricate health system with kindness and expertise.

As dedicated cancer advocates based in Canada, we understand the challenges you face as you navigate the intricacies of the health system, not only in North America but globally. With over 20 years of experience, we bring both a wealth of knowledge and a deep sense of connection to our partnership. Calm Over Cancer stands for integrity and honesty, committed to proving its value by offering unwavering support and guidance. Together, we will face challenges, explore options, and find the strength to navigate your cancer journey with grace.

Welcome to a place where compassion meets experience, and where you are truly connected to a support system that cares.

IMAGINE dramatically reducing your Anxiety and Overwhelm

Our focus is on YOU, addressing your unique health history, diagnosis, and recovery needs.

We help you to Take Control of your personal situation and unlock ways to enhance your healing.

"Like a Bridge over Troubled Waters..."

While each one of us experiences or encounters cancer individually and differently, there is collective wisdom to be derived from what we have learned as a community of advocates for people who are living well, after a diagnosis of cancer.

After receiving the shocking news of an aggressive cancer diagnosis, Shelley quickly noticed a disconnect in the support she desired vs. what she received.

We helped Shelley to research and educate herself on her cancer diagnosis, access advanced diagnostics, like molecular profiling and liquid biopsy, and identify treatment options. We provided ways for her to support good nutrition while managing potential side effects, and to access the care she needed so she could restore control and focus on her recovery.

This helped Shelley feel more empowered and informed in her healthcare decisions and back in control. Often referring to us as "her bridge over troubled waters" we helped Shelley to identify her changing needs and any gaps in her care throughout her treatment and recovery.

Like Shelley, often, when you have cancer you don’t have time to wait for today’s scientific advances to become standard treatment years from now, you need information and access about these options today. We bridge that gap in information for you. 

We help you feel less frightened and more supported every step of the way.

Adele Kulyk, Certified Professional Cancer Coach

Jenna Bradshaw, Educator & Advocate

We can help you to maximize every opportunity to regain your health with our expert guidance.

Cancer Coaching, NAVIGATION & Support services



If Cancer is Suspected or if you have a Cancer Diagnosis or Recurrence


Cancer coaching & advocacy (1:1 & Family options)

We help you navigate a cancer journey on your terms. If you suspect you may have cancer, are newly diagnosed and don't know where to start, or you are facing too many decisions and feeling overwhelmed, we can help you. Get a free one-on-one 20 minute session with an expert, for actionable advice.



We provide navigation so you can tap into leading diagnostics. Gain access to molecular testing so you know exactly how your cancer is behaving and how to address it. Testing can help you to determine the best treatment options specifically for you. Not one size fits all. We Compress the time it takes to find a personalized approach so you can overcome a diagnosis of cancer.



Certified Terrain Advocates with Proven strategies to guide your healing. Tap into your power to gain control over the growth & spread of cancer, through diet, lifestyle, and thoughts. Access our trained metabolic health experts. Healing begins when a mindset clouded by uncertainty, negativity and hopelessness starts to shift to one that embraces Hope & Determination.

VERNA B. "I just DIdn't know what I didn't Know..."

"Working with my cancer coach has been a game changer. She provided me with a wealth of information and resources, & helped me to stay positive & focused throughout my treatment journey."